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Parent Council

Information on the school's parent council.

Agenda and Minutes OLOL PC


Present: Elaine Mann, Eileen Brennan, Anna Glencorse, Fiona Savage, Donna Gallagher, Kym McSherry

Apologies:  Nicola Dobson, Claire Carbray, Leona Girwood, Anoushka McGowan, Lorna Thomson, Amy Walker, Colin O'Toole, Amanda O'Toole

Core Group

Chairperson - Elaine Mann / Kym McSherry

Secretary - Leona Girdwood

Treasurer - Nicola Dobson

Church member - Colin & Amanda O'Toole

Staff Representatives (Co-opted Members): Anna Glencorse (Class Teacher)

Invited member: Eileen Brennan


  • Gala Day
  • Whole school trip
  • Newsletter
  • Gardening items
  • Family Learning/get togethers
  • AGM
  • AOB




Follow up

What and who

1.     Gala Day

Meeting point arranged

Gala day Committee helpers wearing purple high vis

Parent helpers yellow/orange high vis.


Letter to go out.

2.     Whole school trip

Aberdour Tues 26th June

Coaches booked

Families welcome

Risk assessment to be done

3.     Newsletter

June newsletter

Newsletter to be issued

4.     Gardening items

Kym and Elaine went to Shotts Prison and visited the workshop and saw the merchandise.

Price list to be handed in.


5.     Family learning/ get togethers



Family BBQ in garden

Fiona contacting chef/Kym contacting contact

Bouncy castle possibility


Ice poles

6.     AGM date

Monday 27th August 2018 6pm

Date put in newsletter

7.     AOB

Homework bags to be gifted to P1 pupils.

Ties gifted to P7



See Mrs Lockerbie


Name - OLOL Parent Council.

Aims - Aims agreed, aim 'A' changed to support all staff not just teachers.

Number of members - agreed at 4+

AGM -First week in September each year with 2 weeks prior notice.

Quorum -Min of 4

Number of members to call EM -4

Number of Co-opted members 4+

Calling of meetings -aiming 1 meeting per month.

Meetings will last -no longer than 45 mins

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